20-year-old undertrial assaults three women constables at Andheri court in Mumbai

A 20-year-old undertrial assaulted four constables, including three women, inside a police van stationed at the Andheri magistrate court on Saturday. The reason: He was not allowed to receive a parcel from his friend who came to meet him. The accused also broke a tubelight and harmed self with the glass shards.

According to the Andheri police, the arrested accused, Sohail Sharif Khan, was arrested by the Meghwadi police in a robbery case. He was subsequently remanded in judicial custody and was lodged at the Arthur Road jail.

He was brought to the magistrate court for a hearing. Around 6.35 pm, one of Khan’s friends tried to give him something while he was in the police van. When a woman constable asked the friend to leave, Khan lost his cool and went ran riot.

“Khan caught the constable by her collar and punched her. He also punched and kicked two other women constables and a male constable who tried to overpower him,” a police officer said.

“Khan then broke a tubelight inside the van. He tried to chew the glass and cut his chest, leaving him bleeding from his mouth and chest. He was sent for a medical test and then taken to the Arthur Road jail,” the officer said.

He has been booked under charges of assault on public servants and breach of peace.

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