2017 : This is the year to get fit and learn about agile marketing

The pressure is on for marketers: you have to deliver, and fast. In a fast-moving world, the old days of tweaking last year’s marketing plan are well behind us. The growth of digital has become not simply a channel to engage clients, but also a tool for the management of sophisticated marketing programs. We’ve seen an expanding stack of marketing technologies, enabling scaled deployment of interactive one-to-one style campaigns – but it’s a hungry beast. Not only does it rely on content, you also need to react to changes in the marketplace and respond to observed customer behaviour. What’s more, you have to achieve this while offering the best possible customer experience. This calls for a different approach to marketing – one that sees intensity and accountability at it’s heart. If you don’t have this, and don’t have a systematic approach to achieving it, there’s all likelihood that you will quickly fall behind your competitors. Marketing teams need to be driven by data, and have the flexibility to innovate and react, faster and with more effectiveness than ever before. Hence the growing adoption of agile marketing.

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