4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Site that Actually Converts

In 2016 I heard more and more businesses, colleagues and clients complain about their mobile conversion rates.

Though they all saw a lot more mobile traffic than desktop…

That definitely wasn’t the case when it came to conversions.

If you’re scratching your head right now and wondering: “How come?” Here’s your answer:

‘Responsive Design’.

Not just any responsive design…

Out-of-the-box, template, responsive design.

Most businesses simply don’t get it.

So here’s the bottom line: Responsive design is killing your conversions,

(Pause for dramatic effect…)

And I’m not talking about just minor conversions, no,

Responsive design is killing two-thirds of your conversions.

Now, before you go all ninja on me and say: “Talia, everyone does responsive design! What are you talking about?!”

Let me just say one thing, Everyone is wrong.

Ok not everyone, but almost everyone 🙂


Because out-of-the-box responsive design is planned and created for…?

…Desktop visitors of course.

First you plan and design for a desktop screen (and state of mind),

And then you make it look “pretty” on mobile with responsive design.

Want to know what actually works and converts?

A mobile strategy that’s aimed exclusively towards mobile visitors.

I can hear you sighing. Don’t.

I know this is a topic that bothers and causes stress for many, so, I’ve mapped out 4 simple steps for you to follow to increase your mobile conversions immediately.

Here’s what’s inside:

Understand your visitor’s behavior and state of mind on mobile – We’ll take a deep look at persuasion and friction on mobile.
And, 4 simple mobile optimization tactics you can start using today.

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