7 Secrets To Get A Guy To Keep Coming Back! Now You Will Know How to Keep Him Hooked to You

If you have a special guy in your life but you are not quite dating, you are probably looking for ways to make sure that he keeps coming back to you. Here are a couple of the most popular things you can do to get him addicted to you and keep him around in your life.

Show Your Independence

Men are very attracted to women who are able to live on their own, and be successful without a man to support them at every turn. This shows that she is not clingy or desperate, and that she is capable of making good decisions. If you can prove that you are fine on your own, then he will be sure to keep coming back to you.

Recognize The Difference Between Interest And Infatuation

The special man upon whom your sights are set needs to know that you like him, but he also needs to be able to see that you are not totally enamored or desperately in love with him right away. Too much commitment with too little time invested is a huge turn off for a guy.

Keep Your Reflection Looking Fine

Relationships, over time, tend to make women and men alike lose the allure that they once held in their bodies. If you work hard to keep yourself fit, stunning and sexy, your guy is bound to notice and become even more attracted to you. Make sure that you do not start to let yourself go, and he will come back.

Appreciate Distance

The number one turn off for a guy, is a woman who is far too clingy and needy all of the time. You need to give him space, as well as allotting time for yourself to do the things that you enjoy. Prove that you are able to have a good time with or without him, and his attachment to you will grow as he becomes more jealous.

Do Not Try To Change Him

Accept him, flaws and all. If you are able to keep him feeling good about himself by letting him know that you are able to like or love him in spite of his shortcomings, he will be more comfortable with you and he will be less likely to stray away.

Do Not Be A Fair Weather Girl

You should want to be by him not only during the best times of your experiences together, but also through the most difficult portions. Show him you genuinely care, and that you are not just there for the ride.

Flaunt Your Sexuality

Sex is a very powerful weapon, and it feels amazing too. If your guy sees that you love having sex with him, he will be more likely to develop a stronger attachment to you emotionally, and he will keep coming back.

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