Ask GH: Why is pay-per-feature pricing so uncommon?

It seems that bundles of 3-4 subscriptions with different features is more or less standard when it comes to selling SaaS. How come features aren’t priced individually, so that a customer can pick the feature he/she needs and customize a subscription? It seems like this would both increase conversion rate and reduce churn? More advanced customers would still pay more by adding features, users, visits or whatever to their subscription. The pricing page might be a bit more complex, but you could still offer suggested subscription plans. With pricing on individual features, you could upsell new features as you release them? If we take optimizely as an example. If the features “Multi-page funnel testing” and “Multivariate testing” where priced €50 individually, a customer could add them to the €14 price plan and happily pay €114 per month, instead of turning down the €293 plan. Any thoughts?

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