Becca Tilley and Other Bloggers Share Their Healthy Eating and Fitness Tips

When it comes to achieving those New Year’s resolutions, we could all use a muse (or seven).

For the most part, we’re all trying to get healthier, live simpler and be happier—wouldn’t you agree? Cutting out your go-to sugary treat sounds like an excellent idea, but following through? That’s the hard part. What if we told you that Insta girls, like former The Bachelor contestant Becca Tilley, Brody Jenner’s fiancé Kaitlynn Carter and other It-girls have the same resolutions as you?

That’s right, they’re on the same page as you and are sharing their favorite healthy swaps to help you conquer 2017 like a boss.
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What is your healthy New Year’s resolution for 2017?
My resolution is to feel good inside and out.

What’s the one unhealthy food item can you not resist, no matter what?
I love chips and dip. I can sit on the couch and eat a full bag of chips and bowl of dip, no problem. I also love, I mean love, pancakes.

What’s your healthy food swap for that food?
I sought advice from the Tone It Up (Karina and Katrina) girls for an alternative to chips and dip. They suggested slicing cucumbers with salt and dipping them in hummus. I had it last night and was so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

What trendy health craze are you most excited to try in 2017 and why?
Fitness challenges, like Tone It Up.

Any other genius hacks for staying on track and healthy in the New Year?
I just started doing Tone It Up’s daily workouts, and those have made it easy to get a quick session in on the go since I’ve been traveling so much!

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