Ever been on a photo tour of Delhi? Check out this route to amazing pictures

Go on any trip, and what do you see most people doing? Clicking pictures. What if someone could enrich that experience by taking you on a tour of Delhi and help you capture Instagram-perfect moments? That’s a photo tour for you!
“The difference between a regular tour and a photo tour is that the places are selected keeping in mind what the visitor wishes to see, and the time when that place can be photographed the best,” says Jaidev Jamwal, co-founder, Delhi Photo Tour.

Whatever you might fancy — iconic monuments, life on the streets or city markets — there’s a photo tour for it all. “The demand for tours is at its peak between September and March… We get maximum requests around Diwali and Holi. Of late, we’ve received unexpected requests. For instance, a foreigner wanted a tour of Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar to click photos of the trucks,” says Jamwal. While one might want to capture the fish and flower market on his or her lens, someone else the Mayapuri junkyard.
Some organisers focus on maintaining the quality of the photographs, so their tours double as photography workshops. Sanjiv Bhandula, founder-director, Indian Photo Tours, says: “A photo tour, unlike a usual tour, starts very early in the morning. The sunrise and sunset are the golden moments. Don’t expect to visit the usual places for long hours. The duration depends on the time required to photograph it. Like, Humayun’s Tomb can be best photographed during the day.”

Bhandula adds that it’s important to impart technical knowledge of photography during these walks. “We need to tell people what is a good time and how to get the best photograph. Be it street photography, clicking the monuments or people working inside bakeries of Delhi 6, everything needs to be well planned. And this is what we arrange for the enthusiasts,” he says.

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