Get More Traffic by Repurposing Content and Increasing Click-Through-Rate [Part 4 of 6]

For some of you who have been following the completion of this EPIC guide on increasing blog traffic…Part 4 has finally been published.

Previous sections include:

Part 1: Understanding Your Audience Personas

Part 2: Optimizing your content for search
Part 3: Outreach and Link Building
And this section focuses on repurposing long-form content (such as this beast) into multiple other formats including ebooks, SlideShares, Infographics, Courses and more.

Instead of just showing you WHAT you can do to repurpose your content, this article actually dives deep into outlining HOW to repurpose content effectively.

In addition, this section highlights some really easy methods for increasing CTR (Click Through Rate) to boost organic rankings, as well as some strategies for lowering your CPC and conversion costs on Adwords.

Just click the link at the top to speed on down to Part 4!

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