#HipHopHarryPotter is trending on Twitter. Don’t ask questions, just observe

“Y’all gon’ make me lose my wand, up in here, up in here.”
Twitter is a mysterious place, and on Wednesday, for some mysterious reason, #HipHopHarryPotter began trending worldwide.We tried to investigate what might have caused this sudden urge in fans to combine famous rap lyrics with Harry Potter and the results were inconclusive. Initially.

It isn’t JK Rowling’s birthday, and nor is it any Harry Potter-centric anniversary. We did however, come across a Harry Potter rap by an Antwerp-based rapper who goes by Yung Mavu. His song, titled Black Magic, has attracted more than a million views on YouTube. You can listen to it here.
But then, the cause for this sudden movement became clear: Chris Hardwick, the host of @midnight, a talk show on Comedy Central, was behind it. It was part of a game he played with his guests on Tuesday’s episode.

Meanwhile, here are the best #HipHopHarryPotter tweets we could find

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