Mlm Training – What Is A Funded Proposal And How Can It Benefit My Mlm Business?

Funded Proposal was a term I had never heard into I got a call from some guy named Joe Schroeder in 1996 after we released our Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire course. Since that time, Joe and I have become friends, but at the time all I knew was I wanted to sell a generic training program and use that to create leads for my business on the backend.

Joe called it a funded proposal and that term has stuck. Marketers in the know are using funded proposals to grow their business, while the majority of mlm distributors, don’t have a clue.

What is a funded proposal?

Network Marketing Distributors are notorious for getting into “mine is better

than yours” debates. This ultimately is a total waste of time, and accomplishes


A funded proposal is simply a way to have all your marketing and advertising cost covered, and in some cases put cash in your pocket. Instead of promoting your MLM products or opportunity, you promote a high quality business tool, training program or service that can help all network marketers.

After someone purchases from you, they go into your email data base. Now you can continue to offer them services and products you believe in, all the while creating commissions from the sell of those products and services.

Down the road, if and when the timing is right you can introduce your backend (opportunity) to them. However at this time you have developed a relationship with them and they perceive you as someone they know, like, and trust.

Mike Dillard operates a very successful funded proposal system and he calls this

concept becoming the hunted instead of hunting.

When we introduced our Confessions program, we supplied our downline members with postcards, direct mail letters, space ads, classified ads, everything they needed to promote the program.

Each of our members had the opportunity to earn a $25.00 commission on every course sold. By promoting the generic training program instead of the opportunity they were able to actually make money, while prospecting for the business opportunity. It can’t get much better than that, can it?

Let’s face it, distributors who buy generic training, are the exact type of people you want on your team, The fact that they are willing to spend money, to grow, learn and develop says a lot about how serious they are about becoming successful in their business.

I am shocked at more mlm heavy hitters don’t teach this concept to their organization and use Funded Prosposals as part of their marketing campaigns. When you think about it, in today’s world most distributors are spending money for mlm leads, many times with little or no results.

With a properly run funded proposal campaign distributors can finance all of their prospecting methods, while identifying top quality prospects for their business.

To get started, contact some of the top MLM trainers and tell them you would like to purchase their book, or training programs in bulk. These types of calls routinely come into my office each month from distributors that are in the know.

Next develop an effective postcard and or website and test this method. I know you will be pleasantly surprised at the positive results it provides your business.

To get more inside information on funded proposal prospecting systems, just

follow the link in the resource box below:

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