Solving Mobile Growth & Retention with Andy Carvell, ex Growth at SoundCloud

Brian Balfour talks with Andy Carvell (former growth at SoundCloud) as part of a 1 hour interview covering:

– How he brought a web-first product to mobile

– Activity notifications, rich push, and other techniques for driving mobile growth and retention

– Andy’s “Mobile Growth Stack” for 2017

– Kicking off a growth function at SoundCloud

– The retention metrics that mattered at SoundCloud

– Retention benchmarks for mobile, by category

– The difference between retention and engagement

– Lessons learned in designing retention experimentation, and some surprising factors that affected listener retention

– Breaking down month on month retention by segment

– Other key proxy metrics that rolled up to retention

– Push notification open rates vs attributed opens

– The user psychology behind push notifications

– The mobile tech stack: build or buy?

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