Some Facts About the Greek God Uranus

In Greek mythology, Uranus is believed to be the god of sky and he is also known as Ouranos, which the Latin equivalent of the name. According to the ancient Greeks, Uranus was the god who showered Earth not just with sunshine, but also with rain. He was the husband of Gaia, the goddess of Earth. Gaia is also referred to as Mother Goddess.

It was believed by the ancient Greeks that Uranus spent all the nights with Gaia, but was not very pleased with the children that Gaia gave birth to. So, he imprisoned Tartarus, who was the youngest of the children of Gaia and Uranus, deep within the realms of the Earth. This made Gaia extremely unhappy and sad. She then called upon one of her sons to castrate Uranus as a punishment for imprisoning Tartarus. It was then, Cronus, who was the leader of the Titans, planned on overthrowing Uranus, his father. He successfully castrated his father with the help of a sickle with a flint blade that was given to him by Gaia, his mother. The testicles were discarded into the sea, and this gave birth to Aphrodite, who emerged fully grown from the sea. She was extremely beautiful and is known as the Goddess of love and beauty.

Ever since Cronus castrated his father, the sky did not come down to Earth, and has remained high above the Earth.

Many of the planets in our solar system are named after Greek gods and the seventh planet is named Uranus after the Greek god of sky.

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