The Real Impact of Content on Social Selling

Content and the Big Three

Travis knows that content plays a massive role in the three major digital trends of today: social business, marketing technology, and customer experience. Social selling and content marketing are a match made in heaven when it comes to these trends, but to preserve its impact, marketers need to guarantee its acceptance on all levels of the business.

To ensure that social selling is successful in your company, you need to start with business strategy and goals. A focus on technology comes afterward. This is contrary to how many of us operate or approach social, and that is why it may be floundering for you. By starting with strategy, marketers can ensure that they build social content into the very fabric of an organization. From HR to sales to the C-Suite, content and social selling can have a natural seat at the table by starting with strategy.

After strategy comes action and that involves creating not one, but two funnels. Buyers and customers have equal impact through their dollars but often do not appreciate or are not motivated by equal content. By creating a strategy for each, your content will be hitting the right eyes at the right time for the right purpose.

In This Episode

  • Why successful social selling means the entire organization needs to be socially savvy
  • How focusing on technology last leads to creating an integrated and impactful social business strategy for your organization
  • Why creating content for stages of the funnel means focusing on buyers and customers separately
  • How flexible content marketing means being ready to react to everything at any time
  • Why combining technology with excellent service means developing account-based content advertising


Quotes From This Episode

“Content is very important throughout the buyer’s and customer’s journey.” —@teedubya

“Content is really driving the conversation and educating people.” —@teedubya (highlight to tweet)

“It’s important to know where you are in your organization and what kind of content is relevant to the people that you are interacting with.” —@teedubya

“A tool with a tool without a plan is a fool.” —@teedubya (highlight to tweet)

“Everyone needs to be on top of how to react.” —@randyfrisch (highlight to tweet)

PR is always out there trying to get content placed for you.” —@teedubya


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