The verified way to increase installs 2 times and in-app purchases 1.7 times on Facebook&Instagram

Edutainment is a way to learn languages interactively with a fast-growing popularity. It is the educational content served in an entertaining format. Edutainment becomes quite common among app developers in the category of “Education”: its market share hit 9.21% by June 2016 and go on growing on Appstore according to Pocket Gamers statistics, while, on Google Play, it is the Top-1 category with a market share 7.95% according to Appbrain statistics.

Our client Lingo Vocabulary Trainer by Easy Language is on the rise in this group. This app helps to memorize English, French, German, Spanish words (and in 7 other languages). Users either readily learn languages thanks to Lingo app or practice it online with other players all around the world. We increased sales 1.7 times with Aitarget rule automatons while a cost per purchase didn’t exceed the optimal value. Consequently, Lingo Vocabulary Trainer generates sales with a high scale and buoyant profit with Aitarget advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

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