US aviator lifts Samsung Galaxy Note 7 warning, but ban remains

US aviation regulator has said American airlines would no longer need to make a notification to passengers about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before boarding, although the phones will remain banned on board.

“The devices are still prohibited on both passenger and air cargo aircraft, but the DOT (department of transportation) has lifted the requirement that the airlines make the specific pre-boarding notification,” the Federal Aviation Authority said in a statement.
The DOT issued the emergency ban on October 14, 2016, after reports of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones poured in from across the world. The phone was also banned on Indian flights a few days later as more incidents of the phone catching fire was reported. A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was also reported to have caught fire on a flight.
The FAA said that the DOT removed the requirement for air carriers to specifically notify passengers about the phone due to “the high degree of public awareness of the ban” … “as well as the extensive efforts by Samsung and US wireless providers to make all Note7 users aware the phone is recalled and banned from transport on US aircraft”.
Most government agencies around the world banned the product from trains to airlines, reminding passengers about the danger that a fire-prone Note 7 posed.

The Korean tech giant had to recall the products and finally scrap it after re-oriented or readjusted Note 7 devices still caught fire or exploded. It voluntarily recalled the Note 7 in September last year on the day it was about to be launched in India.
Samsung is yet to officially announce what made some Note 7s catch fire, and how the company will safeguard future phones, like the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, from meeting the same fate.

It is expected to launch its next flagship smartphone — the S8 — post the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

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