What are you "smoke(test)ing" this week?

Hello Hello @DistroDom again.

I started giving what I consider a pretty elementary presentation topic called “SMOKE TESTS: How to Launch a Business in Less than 1 Hr” and it evolved into one of my most popular topics for a WIDE range of audience.

I’ve had sr. execs from fortune 500 companies tell me they forgot about simple validation and that this lesson probably saved them thousands of dollars. And I’ve had moms tell me they were able to start a business because of it. So there’s a lesson for everyone.

The real trick here is taking this beyond the 404 test so you don’t piss users off and you actually build an audience you can later sell to. here are some of my smoke test ideas “PROJECTS STYLE” 

And, if you like these, enroll in my free course (totally free): http://go.gimmegrowth.com/p/distrodom-smoke-tests

Or, join me for a live, step by step paid webinar this Tuesday Jan 17 at 6pm PST. For 50% off — (only $19.50), use code: growthhackers at http://ccst.io/e/smoke-tests


WTF 🙁 Why is this last part paid? ALL CONTENT SHOULD BE FREE DOM. I make a ton of free content to help people and raise awareness. But this is actually a live training session. So, I want people to take it seriously since I pay for the hosting tool and take my time out to do it!! I hope you join.

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