A jealous female co-star reports this TV actor’s closeness with the female lead to his wife

Things are not all well between the main actors of this show. While the serial is seeing success, relationships on sets are damn screwed. A little birdie gave us some piece of information that was quite shocking. Well, here it goes. This handsome TV hunk became good friends with his much younger female co-star while shooting for the serial. They would chat for hours and also eat together. During this period, she struck up a good friendship with the TV hunk’s wife who comes down quite often on the sets bringing dabba for her man. She is also an actress by profession.

As months progressed, the guy started getting a little over-friendly with his co-star. The young lady who is already in a relationship found it a little uncomfortable. She expressed her discomfort to another female co-star who is also friends with the actor’s wife. Apparently, the other female co-star went ahead and told the lady that her husband was behaving in an ‘inappropriate manner’ with the female lead. Needless to say, the wife was super pissed. When she confronted the main actress with this information, she said that she did not exactly say that about her husband.

Anyways, the friendship of the actress with the beefy hero and his pretty wife has gone kaput. The funniest part, as revealed by the insider is that the other actress who brought forth the actor’s inappropriate behaviour was seemingly rather jealous of the attention he showered on the main lead. She had been trying to be friends with him and the main actor of the serial but they had been totally avoiding her. This lady, who is presently single has a reputation of trying to be too clingy with the two good-looking men on the show. Can you guess who are this foursome?


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