Baywatch: Whitewashing has nothing to do with just Asians, says Priyanka Chopra

She is one of the most prominent Indian faces currently in American show business and Priyanka Chopra believes global entertainment needs to represent all kind of races as whitewashing is not limited to just Asians.

When asked about the constant debate on whitewashing of Asian actors in Hollywood, the actress, in an interview with BBC World News, said it is not limited to just one race.

“Whitewashing has nothing to do with just Asians, it has to do with every other race out there as well. Global entertainment needs to see representation of all kinds of races; diversity is the need of the hour. And I’m really glad that that representation has started with me on a TV show. There is no precedent of an Indian actor ever, whether it’s TV or movies, playing lead characters. But you have Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari, Kunal Nayyar there’s so much representation when it comes to South Asian talent that is getting there but yes it will take time to go main stream and people will have to watch it as well,” Priyanka said.
The 34-year-old became the first mainstream Bollywood actress to front an American TV show Quantico successfully. She will soon make her Hollywood debut with Baywatch in which she is the main antagonist.

On a question of gender pay gap disparity, Priyanka said she does not like being paid “much less” than the boys despite putting in same amount of hard work. “Yes, I don’t like the fact I get paid much less than the boys, even though I work as hard as them. Yes, I don’t like the fact that the disparity is so massive. But it is a mind-set thing; it is people looking at women differently than boys,” said Priyanka.
The actor said boys are considered as heroes but women are not “heroes” and everywhere, be it India or the west, movies led by men do much better than by a female face, which needs to change. “I mean female-led films, just a female lead. So when we are able to deliver, when the audience is ready to watch a female led film with a woman on a poster and make it into a USD 40m film we will get paid for it.”

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