Bengaluru ATM attacker who hacked woman with a machete caught after 3 yrs

Andhra police on Saturday said they had nabbed the culprit who attacked a woman with a machete in a Bengaluru ATM, more that three years after the incident made national headlines.

Superintendent of police, G Srinivas, on Saturday identified Madhukara Reddy, a local criminal from Chittoor district, as the accused who attacked 45-year-old Jyothi Uday in an ATM booth in November 2013.

Police had been conducting searches in the area and had zeroed in on Reddy’s name. They got suspicious when Reddy went missing.

“We got information that Reddy visits Madanapalli (a small city in Chittoor) as he is a native of the town,” Srinivas said. “When he visited this time, we nabbed him and he confessed to having committed the crime in Bengaluru.”

Bengaluru Police commissioner Praveen Sood also confirmed the development, saying, “One Madhukar Reddy has been arrested and we have dispatched a team to interrogate the accused.”

Reddy had shifted to Kerala after committing the crime, moving to Hyderabad a year later where his parents were, and worked menial jobs. Eventually, he began visiting Madanapalli, Srinivas said.
A video of the ATM attack, captured by a security camera inside the ATM kiosk, showed an unmasked man go into the ATM, pull down the shutter, and threaten Jyothi to withdraw money and hand it over.

The assailant, who was armed with a country pistol and a machete, began attacking Jyothi when she attempted to escape. The video shows the man ruthlessly hit the Jyothi in the face and on her head with the machete.

Jyothi, an employee of Corporation Bank, was found unconscious in the blood-stained kiosk nearly three hours after the assailant escaped with her money (Rs. 2,500) and a mobile handset. She had sustained grievous injuries, leading to partial paralysis.

Then Bengaluru police commissioner, Raghavendra Auradhar, had formed several investigative teams that were deployed to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala to track down and arrest the offender. A reward of Rs 5 lakhs was also declared to help efforts, but police didn’t catch a break.

(With inputs from Srinivasa Rao Apparasu, Hyderabad)

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