10 Best Android Drag Race Games 2019

One of the most popular film franchises is Fast & Furious. This film displays the excitement in a car race coupled with action scenes that make it tense.

After seeing the film, maybe you were dreaming of becoming Dom Toretto, played by Vin Diesel and Brian O Conner, played by the late Paul Walker.

You can, how come the gang feels the sensation by playing the drag race game, recommended by Learnfromnazul, which will spur your adrenaline gang!

The Best Android Drag Race Game 2019

The drag race is one type of race where drivers have to compete for speed on a straight track to reach the finish line.

If you want to do it like in the Fast & Furious films, you can play drag race games and the gang. It’s definitely safe unless you play it while driving a car. Already at risk of accidents, ticketed by the police again.

Are you ready to see the list? Let’s just check out the game list!

1. Drag Racing

The first game that Learnfromnazrul will recommend for you is Drag Racing produced by Creative Mobile. We can guess from the name that this game is indeed focused on drag racing.

This game has so many choices of cars, ranging from Skyline GT-R69 Mustangs, to BMW M4. You can compete against other players from all over the world, you gang!

InformationDrag Racing
DeveloperCreative Mobile
Review (Number of reviewers)4.4 (2,649,668)
Android Minimum4.1

2. CSR Racing


No, CSR here does not have a relationship with Corporate Social Responsibility aka corporate social responsibility. CSR here is the name of a drag race game that Jaka recommends.

CSR Racing has a variety of car options that you can use, such as Bugatti and McLaren. Of course, you can improve your car’s ability to win matches.

InformationCSR Racing
DeveloperNaturalMotionGames Ltd
Review (Number of reviewers)4.4 (2,467,531)
Android Minimum4.0.3

3. Nitro Nation 6

Then there’s the Nitro Nation 6 game, gang! This one game Jaka recommends because it carries the concept of fair play where there are no premium features to upgrade. All are pure because of our abilities.

You can also modify your car according to taste. You can change the color of the car, replace the bumper, buy a spoiler, and so on. The graphics of this game are also very cool so it makes you addicted.

InformationNitro Nation 6
DeveloperCreative Mobile
Review (Number of reviewers)4.5 (1,239,721)
Android Minimum4.1

Drag Race Game Learn More. . .

4. CSR Classics


If this one is the same as the gang CSR Racing because it is produced by the same developer, namely NaturalMotionGames Ltd. The difference is, the cars in this game are classic cars.

So, if you are a fan of antique cars, you should love this game. Existing cars include the Shelby Mustang GT500Ford GT40, and Plymouth Superbird.

In order to be able to play this game, at least you need a cellphone with at least 1GB of RAM.

InformationCSR Classics
DeveloperCreative Mobile
Review (Number of reviewers)4.5 (879,393)
Android Minimum4.0

5. Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing 3D

In this one game, you must really master the gear change timings and use the right nitro to win every race you follow.

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing 3D is a game that will spoil your eyes with the beauty of the graphics they have. The choice of the car is not as much as the previous games but still challenging.

InformationCSR Classics
Review (Number of reviewers)4.6 (651,600)
SizeVaries with device
Android Minimum4.1

6. 4×4 Racing

Sports cars already, classic cars, too, what are the types of cars that can be used for the drag race? There are still gangs, fierce 4WD cars can also be used drag racing!

You want trucks, SUVs, and Monster Truck you can use for racing. What is clear, this game is perfect for you big car lovers who are very macho.

InformationDrag Racing 4×4
DeveloperCreative Mobile
Review (Number of reviewers)4.3 (371,401)
SizeVaries with device
Android MinimumVaries with device

7. Drag Battle

Want to feel the sensation of a real race? If so, you really need to try this one Drag Battle game!

How not, you can change the view of the game to make you play from the perspective of the first person or be behind the wheel. What is clear, this game will spur your adrenaline and gang!

InformationDrag Battle
DeveloperIce Storm
Review (Number of reviewers)4.5 (109,775)
Android Minimum5.0

8. Drag Racing: Club Wars


If you have ever played a racing game Need for Speed: Carbon, surely you know that in that game you can fight territorially with other racing clubs? In this game, you can do the same thing.

Drag Racing: Club Wars is a fun drag race game to play with friends. Moreover, this one free game does not display too many annoying ads.

InformationDrag Racing: Club Wars
DeveloperCreative Mobile
Review (Number of reviewers)4.1 (92,365)
SizeVaries with device
Android MinimumVaries with device

9. Drag Racing: Streets

Drag Racing: Streets has two long choices of race tracks, namely 1/4 and 1/2 miles. The types of areas also vary, ranging from racing lanes to rural roads.

You can also put your car with other players from all over the world, provided that the cellphone is connected to the internet network.

InformationDrag Racing: Streets
Review (Number of reviewers)4.5 (87,972)
Android Minimum4.1

10. Asphalt Street Storm Racing

The last drag race game that Jaka will recommend for you is Asphalt Street Storm Racing made by one of the biggest game manufacturers in the world, Gameloft.

Racing in this game feels more real because this game is equipped with various weather that will increase the difficulty of playing. Oh yeah, in one match this game can be followed by four people at once!

InformationAsphalt Street Storm Racing
Review (Number of reviewers)4.1 (81,324)
Android Minimum4.3

The final word

That’s the ten best drag race games on Android that will trigger your adrenaline like Dom Toretto in Fast & Furious. Where are you playing, bro? Share in the comments column!

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