the 7 Best Digital Signature Applications for Android

the 7 Best Digital Signature Applications for Android, For lovers of Android now no longer need to worry about signature problems, it is undeniable that signatures play an important role in managing electronic documents and electronic transactions for the business you are running.

Often we are overwhelmed in signing important documents because our signatures are not the same as signatures on our identity cards, sometimes we are already tired of filling out forms but when we want to buy them, they are rejected, because the signatures are different from our identity cards.

the 7 Best Digital Signature Applications for Android

Now all the problems I mentioned above have a solution so Android lovers don’t have to bother when filling out important forms or documents, why? Because now there is a digital signature.

The digital signature is a signature in the form of an electronic authentication stamp encrypted on digital information, which is used to prove the authenticity of the sender’s identity from a document or message, while the advantages of using a digital signature are:

  1. The integrity of your data or documents is guaranteed because the documents we send cannot be beautiful during the shipping process.
  2. Document confidentiality is more maintained that people who want to read and see it.
  3. Our sign is always accurate and always the same as our identity.
  4. Save time, practical and not complicated because you just copy-paste from one document to another document.
  5. More authentic because through identifying the truth of the parties communicating, and many others. 

For that, for Android lovers, you no longer need to be confused and dizzy, just by using a digital signature you don’t need to bother and spend time just signing.

Here are the various types of digital signature applications that you can use for Android or Smartphone lovers:

Signature Maker

Signature maker is a type of application that creates a complete signature and a manager to sign documents other than that the signature of this maker has a completely new and open source design with the GNU GPL V3.0 license. certainly absolutely free.

the 7 Best Digital Signature Applications for Android

Signature makers have some interesting features including:

  • Sign document
  • Millions of colors
  • Various types of strokes
  • Custom background
  • Save signature
  • Send or delete signatures
  • Share signature
  • You can turn off ads completely free
  • Responsive (adapted for tablets)
  • Friendly UI


Docusign is the most widely used digital signature application and digital transaction management platform in the world. The DocuSign application offers unlimited free signing and upgrades options for your business needs, besides that the DocuSign is legally binding and is complied with the e-sign with ISO 27001 SSAE16 Compliant.

the 7 Best Digital Signature Applications for Android

In addition to the free signing experience, Docusign also offers advanced features through several premium plans between:

Standard Plan

  • Send documents for signature
  • Access the most sophisticated fields of interest, Focusing
  • Manage to sign on-the-go, alert, vacancy, in-person signing, and the template can be reused

Real Estate Plan

  • Send documents for signature
  • Real estate features, powerful including zip from plus and web branding
  • Manage to sign on-the-go, alert, vacancy, in-person signing, and the template can be reused

Personal plan

  • Limited shipping documents, send up to 5 monthly documents
  • Access important fields, request signatures, dates, and names
  • The template is reusable so you can standardize your documents
  • File types that support, namely, PDF, Word, Excel, Image (JPEG, PNG, TIFF) and text, and documents that can be signed, NDAs, sales contracts, health documents, financial agreements, waivers, permit slips and lease agreements


Hellosign is a simple way to scan, edit, and sign documents on your Android device, because Hellosign is a type of application that saves you from the tiring process of printing, signing, and scanning.

the 7 Best Digital Signature Applications for Android

All you need to do is import each PDF from the e-mail or take a picture of the document you need to sign, make a positive signature with your finger and Via e-mail, send the signed document to the intended recipient.

Documents signed by Hellosign are almost the same as DocuSign, and the features that Hellosign has are also no less good than other digital signature applications in it:

  • Upload document with a camera
  • Top document sign
  • Open PDF documents directly from the incoming contact
  • Edit every PDF or photo to add text, check marks or signatures
  • Signed documents are imported back into your e-mail to make delivery easy
  • And of course, it’s always free and easy to use

Sign It!

Sign It is the easiest type of digital signature application to use, why is that? Because the Sign It application only requires two steps to sign your important documents anywhere and anytime.

the 7 Best Digital Signature Applications for Android

How easy is it not, as for the steps that need to be done in using a digital Sign It signature that is, capture documents using the device’s camera and after that just stay in the document that you have photographed earlier.

With Sign It you can manage a library of signed documents and share signed documents on native social platforms.

SignDoc Mobile

SignDoc Mobile is an original electronic signature for tablets, SignDoc Mobile makes it simple and easy to sign electronics on the go, not only does this application allow you to open PDF documents to sign up from within any other application on your android.

the 7 Best Digital Signature Applications for Android

Documents signed using Signdoc Mobile do not only put your signature bar in a document but the SignDoc application also complies with ISO / IEC 32000 digital signature standards, so this method can easily be verified for interference using standard software such as Adobe Reader and data Biometric captured in the signature is compliant with the ISO / IEC 19794-7 standard.

SignEasy (Sign & Fill Documents)

The SingEasy application is the most popular type of digital tagging application and is trusted by more than 150 countries, and not only that the SignEasy application has also been named the flagship application in the play store in more than 100 countries.

the 7 Best Digital Signature Applications for Android

SignEasy is an amazing application for anyone who uses it by accessing all documents from email, SD Card, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, OneDrive, Google Drive, and besides that, it can also access documents in one place from an android phone, tablet, and web You.

SignEasy also has features that are complete and various of them are:

  • Make a signature and handle the document yourself, only with a finger or stylus
  • Collect individual signatures from customers directly
  • Send documents to get signatures from colleagues, customers, and partners in their own region and throughout the world
  • Make it easy to handle documents for your customers by adding a column to the document
  • Allows signatories to sign documents one by one or at a time
  • Track the status of documents, receive notification of electronic signatures and send an observer to the signature
  • Use the freestyle feature to allow unlimited signers on a document
  • Offline signer
  • Make signatures and add dates, texts, check boxes, logos, images, and more in signing


SIGNply is a digital sign that is no less good than other digital markers, in addition, to free, no ads, no subscriptions, no limits, no internet connection, and SIGNply also has a legal guarantee of advanced e-signatures.

the 7 Best Digital Signature Applications for Android

SIGNply can sign and return any document in three very easy steps, namely:

  • Select the document from your email box from the drop-box, which is stored on your device, Evernote, Google Drive
  • Signing with SIGNply, you can register with your finger or pencil
  • Save or send it to anyone you like

In terms of legal security, the SIGNply signature application fulfills all guarantees required by European law and the Electronic Signature law, including:

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  • SIGNply collects biometric data on each draw (pressure, speed) that guarantees the authenticity of biometric signatures
  • Documents are electronically signed to ensure their integrity, 
  • Conventional digital signatures protect signatures
  • SIGNply uses the SHA256 algorithm
  • Signature of the PAdES-LTV longevity


That is the type of digital signature application that you can use based on the interests and needs of business supporters that you manage so that you can run your business to the maximum extent possible with a shorter and more efficient time, hopefully, you can help.

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