Best Tools For Bloggers to Use For Successful Blogging In 2019

There are many tools available for bloggers to use for successful blogging in 2019. I decided to write an article on the best tool for bloggers which will help them to make the task easy and very effective for them.

If you are starting a new blog then I guess you don’t have to spend money on the content writer and want to write for yourself. But the problem you will face here is that you will end up with many grammar and spelling mistakes if you are not familiar with content writing.

Best Tools For Bloggers to Use For Successful Blogging In 2019

So what to do? Don’t worry I have a solution. There is a perfect tool for bloggers who write their content own. The name of the tool is “Grammarly” you may have heard of it as it is very popular for writing work.

Grammarly comes in two versions. Online and software, whichever you feel comfortable to use. It’s available in free as well as premium version. The Premium costs you $29 Per Month but using the Grammarly Students Discount, you’ll grab a huge discount. Now let’s get deep into Grammarly.


Grammarly is a writing assistant which will find and correct mistakes from e-mails, post, messages etc. It will help to make the document error-free and more effective. Other than just correcting the mistakes it also has other features which can benefit bloggers and writers. The features are “plagiarism checker” which will find for the content present on other pages.

How it is useful for bloggers

If the blogger is writing by his own then he/she may have to deal with many writing mistakes if he doesn’t have any experience in content writing. You know the fact that for successful blog content is how much important and if the content will be full of mistakes.

So here comes Grammarly the writing assistant to save you from doing mistakes. Grammarly will correct all your spelling, grammar, punctuations, writing tone. So blogger can easily make use of Grammarly to write the post for their blogs.

Grammarly features

  1. grammar checker

As the name suggests Grammarly is used for checking for grammatical mistakes in the documents. Grammarly has an automated grammar checker features which will check the content of the document and will find out any mistake in it and will let you correct it with the right one. so this way there will not be any grammatical errors in the doc.

  1. punctuation checker

Once the grammar mistakes are finished correcting then Grammarly will check for punctuation mistakes in the documents and will correct it for you. many of us don’t bother for punctuations while writing which can get a negative impact on business documents, an important letter so Grammarly does this work for you.

  1. spelling checker

All of us eventually struggles for spelling while writing which makes the document inaccurate. so Grammarly’s automated system checks for spelling mistakes in your documents and will let you correct it. this is an amazing feature as it saves you from sending spelling error free documents to others and they will be impressed by the accuracy of the document.

Grammarly price

Grammarly offers three packages which are

  • free
  • premium- 11.66$/month
  • business- 15$/month

there is no problem in using a free version. However, in the free version, you will get some restrictions on features. So if you want to use Grammarly’s full features then you will have to purchase the premium version and if you are doing business with many people then go for a business plan.

The premium price is very affordable for any new bloggers and you can even get student discount from here.

So now we know all about the Grammarly. Now let’s talk about which are free trial web hosting for new bloggers who want to test.

Before stepping into the blogging field it is important to know everything about the field. so you can use free trial of web hosting service for your blog for a fixed duration. You don’t have to pay for a big amount on web hosting and end up quitting.

So it is better to start with a free trial web hosting so you get the idea and experience of blogging and will know if he is made for blogging or not. There are many companies which provide 12 months free trial and after that, if you want to use that service then will have to pay for it.

Free trial web hosting


000webhost is an experimental program by hosting where you can host your website for free for a lifetime. There is a catch which is you will get only limited features to use so if you want to use advanced features then have to go for Hostinger.

Google cloud

Google has come up with its own cloud hosting. It offers a 12-month free trial to host your website on google cloud. The service is best because it is by Google and if you liked the service then only have to pay for the services. No, any other charges include only for what you are using.

Amazon AWS

Amazon’s AWS is an Amazon web-scale program which is a web hosting service provider which offers one year free trial of the services. You can use the services for one year and after that, you will have to pay for it or you can leave the free trial anytime you want.


Bluehost is an amazing web hosting company which provides amazing features to its users at a cheap price. the good news is that Bluehost is providing a free trial for 30 days and when you liked the services then only purchase the services. here previous article How To Activate Windows Subsystem For Linux In Windows 10

Final words on free trails

So if you are very serious about blogging and want to test your knowledge and skills then you should go for free trials so you don’t end up losing a pile of money and when you will get experience then can start investing on the services for blogging. So here was the article on Grammarly student discount and free web hosting trials.

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