How to Download Files from Scribd for Free

you may have searched for a file or document to support your assignments or school on the Internet. One of the sites that you frequently visit looking for task files might be unconsciously Scribd.

Well, besides Google Document, SlideShare,,, Blogspot. Another possibility is Scribd, which is a list of sites that you have visited or you may visit frequently to find assignments.

Everyone is aware that Scribd, which is one of the largest digital libraries in the world of all types of notebooks such as PDF, Word, Xls, Txt and other document formats. Scribd consists of nearly 40 million documents posted by their users.

In Scribd, new and old writers publish or sell their work and readers can browse the pages and find the right one for their needs. This is basically paid service and therefore, even if it allows you to view a number of documents for free,

You cannot download it unless you upgrade to a paid user. With a small subscription level, Scribd readers can view and read all the documents from their favorite platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.

With a free membership, you can view a number of documents in the Scribd database. You need Scribd downloader to get the files you want for free. In this article, you will learn to download unlimited files from Scribd for free.

You don’t even need to create a Scribd account or upload or upload a file to download most documents with the simple trick described below.

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Method 1: Upload a New Document

There is the freedom that is allowed by Scribd, namely the barter system or exchange. Where you can download a file on their site, but you have to upload a file of any document that does not yet exist on their site instead.

  1. Open
  2. Look for the document or page you want to view or download without paying to Scribd and copy the URL / link to that page.
  3. Now enter the Scribd account or create a new account. Or, use the Facebook Login option.
  4. After registering you will be asked for a subscription if you are not a monthly subscription. Skip and return to your account (important step).
  5. Now Upload all types of documents that you have and have not been before on their site. Remember not to trace, because their site can detect documents whose contents already exist on their site.
  6. Add the title and description of the uploaded content (not needed but if you want you can) and Save to continue.
  7. Now paste the URL that you copied in your browser column.
  8. You will see the download button, just click and the download will begin. You can see here that the file cannot be downloaded easily once.

If the file you uploaded previously only contains 3 pages, while the file you want to download / download is 6 pages. Maybe you have to upload 1 more file with at least 3 pages so that the exchange system can be run.

Method 2: Use the Greasemonkey Script

This is another method that will allow you to download the desired documents and files from Scribd for free. You don’t even need to enter using a Facebook account or Sign up to get a new account or buy a paid membership or upload documents to Scribd. You only need the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser to do this step.

  1. Open or Install Web Browser Firefox, Chrome, UC Browser, Opera, or Safari on your computer.
  2. Then add the Greasemonkey add-on ( ) for the Mozilla Firefox or Tampermonkey Browser ( ) for Google Chrome / Safari / UC Browser / Opera and Firefox. Click download and it will install automatically.
  3. Now download the script from the following site:
  4. Install the script in Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey.
  5. Navigate to the Scribd site page, precisely to the document you want to download from Scribd and click the “Download” button that appears. This script will automatically eliminate the Scribd payment page and give you the choice to download your document directly.

Method 3: Generate Access Key

Step 1: Navigate to, find the document you want and open it. Then right-click anywhere on the page and click “View page source”.

How to Download Files from Scribd for Free

Step 2: Search for access_key, after you find it copy the code. See the picture below for an example of what the code looks like. The code you have to copy is the code that is blocked in blue.

How to Download Files from Scribd for Free

Step 3: Look for the document ID you want to download via the file link URL. See the image below for an example of what a document ID looks like. The document ID is the number in the blue block in the image below.

How to Download Files from Scribd for Free

Step 4: Replace access_key and document id at this URL. Right on the red text below according to the file you want to download.

  • 108992419 & access_key = key-13davbcdewnewn9m5w02

Then copy the modified URL to your browser window.

Step 5: The document will load. Once completely loaded, click on the print/ button and save it as pdf, or if your browser supports word format, please select. According to your own needs.


That’s the third easy step to download Scribd for free even without having to upload or register. If you feel the three methods above are running on your device. You can use other methods such as using a Scribd download service or tool that is available on many other sites.

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