The First Trillionaire Review: A novel by Sapna Jha can change your life

Guwahati, Main Uddin: Reading books was my hobby at the time of schooling days but college and university duration were tough time to read extra curriculum books. Now the heavy workload, some time prevents me to carry the reading mania. Recently, I have read a book on recommendation of a close friend. Here are the details:

RATING: 4.5 /5

After a very long time, I came across a book that captured my attention. I am a person who is quite particular about books. But this time I had one to read. The main reason why this book captured my attention was its extraordinary title that I was curious to explore. Yes, the name of the book is “The First Trillionaire” which is authored by Sapna Jha and is being published by the renowned Crossword Publications. We all have heard about millionaire and billionaire but have we ever thought of someone becoming Trillionaire? I don’t think so. The title compelled me to read the book and I was overwhelmed after reading the book. The author has totally justified the title and that is what I was looking for while reading the book.
The story is all about a village girl who is considered to be born outside the wedlock. This girl has been raised by her mother and they both have faced a lot of struggle in their life. She is believed to have no identity of her own. The girl is naïve but she believes that she has been raised quite well by her mother. She has confidence and with it, she tears open the shackles of adversity expected on keeping her wrapped in her pitiful presence. She cuts her own particular way, head-held-high and eyes brimming with dreams. One thing that made her way to success was utmost faith in Mata Vaishno Devi whom she believed could bless with anything she truly wished for. In the earlier days of her life, she could barely manage to do her studies by correspondence but Vaishno Mata later blessed her not only with an abundance of wealth but also with an abundance of relationships that she missed all her life. The unfolding of the story is beautiful and worth the time of the reader. Faith brought her whatever she wished for but in the story, the circumstance under which this girl went were quite tough and keeping faith in such situations is not something anyone could keep.
My Thoughts:
According to me the book is beautifully written and is fit for an audience who like romantic cum crime mystery genre. The characters in the book are well thought and seem real. I could actually visualize the scenes written in the book. I really liked the part of the girl and how she stood against all odds. Apart from the girl, the role of the mother and her life history has been elaborately laid out. The story is not at all dull. It will keep the readers engrossed and as deep the story goes the more interesting it becomes.
This book is truly interesting and worth reading. I have loved it and hope others would like it too. The language of the book is quite simple and easy to understand. In addition to the simple language, there is also a touch of a village tone that makes reading even more interesting and real. In nutshell, I would just say to give this book a try and then make a decision.

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