Hiten Shah's Guide to Announcing Product Updates

Before tools like Appcues and Intercom came along, it was hard to share product updates and new features in-app. You had to write code to do it. Now you just need to drop a Javascript snippet into your app and you can immediately start messaging customers.

The problem is that these tools make it insanely easy to bug customers in the wrong ways (I discussed this in a recent episode of my podcast, The Startup Chat). Far too often, I’ll log into a SaaS product and get hit by five pop-ups and two chat messages with the latest product updates. I don’t care about these updates. I have work I’m trying to get done, and these messages are getting in my way.

When you go too heavy on in-app messages, you’re showing your customers that you’re thinking about getting more clicks, about driving superficial engagement—not about them. By focusing on short-term engagement, you’re risking the long-term relationship you’re trying to build with the customer.

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