List of HP with the highest and lowest radiation Update

Have you ever heard the term regarding smartphone radiation? Well, if yes, you are starting to be aware of the impact it emits.

Even though it is still under debate, the fact is there are some who classify HP with the highest and lowest radiation in 2019.

Does your cellphone include a good or bad list? Rather than curious, refer to the review below.

List of smartphones with the highest and lowest radiation levels

As reported by the Phone Arena page, until now there is no exact measure of the level of radiation which is a safe threshold for living things, especially humans.

The level of radiation your body receives is also called the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) or in watts per kilogram.

Sebagai catatan, Jaka mengambil ambang batas 0,60 watt per kilogram yang disetujui oleh organisasi Blue Angel, lembaga peduli lingkungan dari Jerman.

HP with the highest Radiation Rate


The first Android One smartphone from a Chinese brandXiaomi Mi A1, ranks first with the highest radiation with a SAR level of 1.75 watts per kilogram.

The following below are several Chinese brands, such as OnePlus with OnePlus 5T and Xiaomi Mi Max 3, ranked second and third.

To list HP with the highest complete radiation, see the table below first.

RatingBrand / Model HPSAR level (watts/kilogram)
1Xiaomi Mi A11.75
2OnePlus 5T1.68
3Xiaomi Mi Max 31.58
4OnePlus 6T1.55
5HTC U12 Life1.48
6Xiaomi Mi MIX 31.45
7Google Pixel 3 XL1.39
8OnePlus 51.39
9iPhone 71.38
10Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact1.36
11Google Pixel 31.33
12OnePlus 61.33
13iPhone 81.32
14Xiaomi Redmi Note 51.29
15ZTE AXON 7 mini1.29

HP with the lowest Radiation Rate

lowest-note-9 hp-radiation

Based on this research, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been named the HP with the lowest radiation level with a SAR value of only 0.17 watts per kilogram.

The next position is also generally filled by a list of flagship smartphones, such as LG G7 ThinSamsung Galaxy S9 Plus, and others.

And for the lowest list of mobile phones, here is a review of the table.

RatingBrand / Model HPSAR level (watts/kilogram)
1Samsung Galaxy Note 80.17
2ZTE AXON Elite0.17
3LG G7 ThinQ0.24
4Samsung Galaxy A80.24
5Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus0.26
6Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge0.26
7HTC U11 Life0.28
8LG Q6 / Q6 +0.28
9Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus0.29
10Motorola Moto G5 Plus0.30
11Motorola Moto Z0.30
12Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus0.31
13ZTE Blade A6100.31
14Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus0.32
15Samsung Galaxy S80.32
16ZTE Blade V90.32

Collection of HP Radiation Hazards that are at Risk for Your Body

In addition to the benefits that you can get from a smartphone device, there are several dangers due to HP radiation that you must be aware of.

The final word

That is the complete list of HP with the highest and lowest radiation in 2019 which you must watch out for guys. The key is really really easy!

To avoid the risk of HP radiation hazards, you should start reducing smartphone usage from now on if you don’t need it. Have other tips? Mending share with Learnfromnazrul in the comments column below. Thank you.

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