Income Report Roundup – December 2016

One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

#1) – $96,464.00 (+$9,106.00)

It’s an increase for Michelle this month and she starts the report by looking at the year as whole and thinking about pushing to complete her income goals for the year.

Since she’s so far ahead of her posting schedule she spent most of November learning how to increase page views and was excited to be verified on Twitter.

Going forward she hopes to focus more on guest posting and creating a personal finance support group on Facebook.

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#2) – $66,692.07 (+$26,890.72)

Lindsay & Bjork have had a big increase income as they record their second best month for income so far!

It’s been a high traffic season for food content and a great month for ad budgets due to Black Friday & Christmas shopping.

Based on previous years they expect this upward trend to continue through December and January. Going forward Lyndsay is thinking about changes for the year ahead.

This includes less sponsored posts, scheduling further in advance, reducing posts per week and working on a brand new type of content for the blog!

#3) – $52,928.83 (+$16,161.83)

Jon’s celebrating his best month for income for the second month running and is set to smash his stretch goal targets for income this year!

He reports that although some parts of the business didn’t go quite to plan it has performed well and Cyber Monday service sales were strong.

This month also brought fun family time as he managed to go out skiing with his kids and he worked hard to show his team members in the business how appreciated they are.

#4) – $34,139.00 (-$9,681.00)

It’s a bit of a drop in income this month for Abbie & Donnie and Abbie has been improving her content planning for the year ahead.

She admits she usually writes about whatever happens to be going on in the moment, despite having a loose list of content ideas, so that’s something she wants to change next year!

To get the ball rolling she came up with a content plan taking three main things into account; what projects are coming up, what would be most helpful for readers and what seasonal trends there are.

#5) – $29,095.31 (+$8,168.13)

With Black Friday this month the blog has had a nice increase in income and I rounded up over 100 deals!

I also launched a couple of new experiments. One to reduce bounce rates by optimising ‘above the fold’ content and the other is a Google ‘featured snippet’ experiment.

I hadn’t realised last month but the blog’s income passed the million dollar mark! I can’t tell you how important it is to forget about the money and just focus on helping your readers.

I’m still in the middle of a content audit and I’m not totally happy with user experience so I’ll be working on that and focusing on my email marketing strategy in the new year!

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#6) – $12,794.22 (-$13,265.00)

Brendan MaceIt’s a big drop in income for Brendan this month but that’s because he had a huge month last month with his product launch.

With that said, it’s actually his second best month for income so far and he’s surprised by the impact the launch last month has had on his brand.

Since the launch his YouTube traffic has increased by 60% and this month he created four new YouTube videos, including his first sponsored video.

#7) – $8,577.00 (+$4,889.00)

untemplaterSydney is reporting a big increase in income this month and is beginning to think about setting goals for next year to continue on her quest to become a multi-millionaire.

She did a lot of freelancing and got some gardening done before the rain started in December as well as spending quality time with family while her sister moved house and at a wedding.

Her freelancing contract with her former employer came to an end and in the coming month she’ll be publishing her 2016 net worth update. She’s expecting great results!

#8) – $5,858.90 (+$93.79)

ThePracticalSaverAllan is on a roll so far as he celebrates his best month for the eighth month running despite his traffic decreasing by 7%.

He puts his success down to a mixture of hard work and luck, as he’s still figuring out which strategy works best. He also turned down income opportunities that didn’t benefit readers this month!

His traffic strategy still focuses mainly on Pinterest when he isn’t working on the blog and he was shocked at how much it costs to buy coaching for Pinterest.

He’s keeping goals to a minimum this month because of Christmas but hopes to increase page views to 7,000 per day and double November’s income!

#9) – $2,879.74 (+$632.78)

ohpIt’s a slight increase in income for Ron this month and he realised he’s been making a mistake for a while that resulted in higher expenses.

He says his mistake was down to not paying enough attention to detail. His JFFHub website is reaching its maximum earning potential so he’s looking at two new ways to generate more revenue from it.

He took less consulting work because although he enjoys consulting, he has a goal to create truly passive income and he’s contemplating focusing more on One Hour Professor and creating new courses.

Going into next month his goals include a more careful approach to expenses, getting fifteen backlinks and finishing research for his new authority site.

#10) – $2,222.62 (-$1,069.88)

IncomeBullyNathan only spent three hours on the blog this month so it’s no surprise that income has seen a bit of a drop.

This month he sent an email to his subscribers asking what they would like to see covered on the blog in order to get things back on track.

He plans to increase the amount of content on the blog based on his reader’s needs and add more product and software reviews going forward.

While he says income and traffic could be worse he feels he has hit a low point and his goal for next month is to really get back into the swing of things!

#11) – $2,198.46 (+$786.76)

its-vickyLast month’s newcomer Vicky is celebrating her best month for the second month running after the busiest shopping season of the year.

She had her best month with her Amazon case study not just for income but for unique visitors and number of total sales too after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Next month she plans to monitor the relationship between traffic vs income and is interested to see if she can continue steady growth going forward or if this was just a seasonal peak in sales.

#12) – $951.76 (+$350.55)

OnlineMoneyzIncome is back on the up for Ilya and he published a few articles on Online Moneyz for the first time this month.

He published over twenty five deal posts for Black Friday and helped his VA to publish around 10 deal posts on his WHQ site. In order to save for next year he also started to cut expenses.

This month he brainstormed new ways of monetizing the site and completed two out of four of the goals he set for himself.

Going forward he has a lot of exams and homework to focus on and plans to rest as well as getting some editing and social media work done over the holidays.

#13) – $905.96 (+$350.00)

AliRazaAli is celebrating his best month so far on the blog this month with stats improving all around. Income is on the rise, bounce rate is going down and he saw a 32% increase in traffic!

This month he made some minor changes to help page load speed and installed an SSL certificate. He also published five new posts and updated two old ones.

Social media is still his main traffic source and he had a Digital Marketing Workshop in Lahore, Pakistan. He completed all four of the goals he set for himself last month.

In the coming month he plans to write at least 5 posts, plan for the new year, split test CTA’s, do more blog commenting and appear in more interviews.

#14) – $824.12 (+$311.28)

livingoffcloudIncome is on the up again for Nadya this month and she has reached a milestone as the second website she bought has paid for itself in profit!

She’s happy to report that although the listing price said it would be paid off in twenty months it has only taken twelve. With plans to calculate the profit she has gotten from KickFurther so far she backed no new businesses.

In the Black Friday shopping frenzy she took the opportunity to get 12% commission from Amazon native ads which had mixed results.

Next month she wants to focus on scaling the business and hiring a VA, as well as increasing revenue on her ‘Rat’ site, continuing with the PBN for her ‘Honeybee’ site and reducing the posting schedule on the blog.

#15) – $224.46 (+$106.97)

The Restless WorkerIt’s an increase in income for Madi this month and her second best month so far after a last minute sponsored post boosted her numbers.

This month she was excited to completely change the layout of the blog, although that interfered with her Google Analytics for a couple of days during the transition.

She finally got around to creating an email list and is hoping to work on site speed next. The rest of her goals roll over from last month as she continues to keep up blog maintenance and a regular posting schedule.

#16) – $195.36 (+$113.98)

mypathtopassiveincomeEsteban has had an increase in income this month and smashed his income goals for his side project!

Despite feeling demotivated and struggling with family issues that affected some of his goals, he has put a lot of that negative energy into keeping busy and productive.

His side project took off this month with a huge increase in traffic and income. Going forward his goals are to get a mortgage to buy a flat, make $5,000 with his side project and revive an old niche site.

#17) – $170.63 (-$12.50)

Passive Income TrekIt’s a slight drop in income for Richard this month and he’s had a quiet month on the blog front.

He finally completed the purchase of his new house which has been taking up a bit of time and started to plan out rebranding Passive Income Trek.

While the side hustle he lost in September hasn’t returned yet he hopes that being back in touch with the business owner means it is set to come back soon!

#18) – $-60.54 (-$133.18)

TheExtraIncomeProjectLloyd is reporting a loss in income this month but says it’s the last month he has to pay course fees which have been taking up most of his earnings!

With a new job and lots going on behind the scenes that keep him tired and distracted he’s thankful to have set up traffic automation meaning he doesn’t have to spend much time on promotion.

He achieved two out of the six goals he set for himself this month including getting more Pinterest followers and increasing email subscribers by almost 2,000.

With that said though, he hasn’t sent any emails out all month so going forward he hopes to put more effort into his email marketing as well as working on a new product and other goals!

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In Summary

Four bloggers in the lineup are celebrating their best month so far this month with thirteen reporting a steady increase in income.

With that said a couple of bloggers took an inevitable hit to their income after celebrating best months last month.

All together that made for a combined increase of $37,486.93 in income to $317,061.90 this month for all of the blogs featured.

That’s a new milestone as they collectively pass the $300k barrier with the busy Black Friday shopping period bringing a nice income boost!

It will be interesting to see if they can maintain the upward trend through the Christmas shopping season!

If you feel inspired to start your own blog then why don’t you start a blog now? It only takes a few minutes!

Performance Tracking

I only include the earnings history of the top 10 blogs each month to make the graphs easy to read.

I’m having a problem with the graph right now and will update the post when fixed

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