Now, locate public toilets on your phone in Mumbai

Taking one more step towards making Mumbai cleaner, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) launched ‘Mumbai Toilet Locator’ application to help people find public toilets, on Monday.

The application, currently available for Android users, will provide information and location of 800 public toilets across the city. BMC will later sync all the public toilets in the city.

With the mobile application, user will get information and location of the nearest public toilet, direction to it and the distance from your location. “The application will help commuters, especially those on highways, where the only option is to go to nearby restaurants,” said a civic official from the soild waste management department.

BMC recently constructed 13 toilets on Western and Eastern Express Highways. After securing 10th position in Swachh Bharat survey last year, BMC is making efforts to improve the rank. The surveyors are again in the city for 2017 survey, for three days from January 7 to 9. In 2105, the city’s ranking was abysmally low at 147th.

After two years of identifying 118 locations in the city where open defecation takes place, the BMC has managed to eliminate 44 from that list. At the remaining 74 locations, 611 mobile toilet seats have been placed.

In the past two years, the civic body also constructed 200 toilet seats. The survey criteria includes one toilet in every 500 metres. Two years back, the civic body had planned over 2,300 toilet seats but has managed to construct only 1,641. Further, in a hurry to declare the city open-defecation free, the civic body routed to installing 800 mobile toilet seats at about 95 locations and spending around Rs3 crore, in the last two months alone.

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