5 Cool & Best Podcast Applications Android & iOS

Do you realize it, if the current trend of podcasts is rising among young India?

You usually listen to podcasts with audio formats, at a glance like radio. But the difference is that you can choose topics according to your preferences and you can listen without needing to fix the show schedule.

Now for those of you who want to listen to cool podcasts, here Jaka has a number of recommendations for the best podcast applications in 2019, which you can listen to both on Android and iOS.

Best and Coolest Podcast Application Recommendations (Update 2019)

Generally, the podcasts that you normally listen to are streaming, so you have to listen to online guys.

The existing podcasts also come from various categories, such as entertainment, games, soccer and much more. So adjust it to your interests.

1. Spotify

best podcasts-01

Who can deny that Spotify is the best online music streaming application at the moment?

Now even through Spotify, you can now create and broadcast your own podcasts, and be listened to by millions of other users throughout the world.

One of the advantages of Spotify is that it can also be used free of charge, but you have to be prepared with a number of advertisements inserted in it.

But for those of you who want to hear without advertising, just pay the monthly subscription fee.

Download Spotify here: Android | iOS

2. SoundCloud

best-podcast-application 02

Apart from Spotify, there is also SoundCloud that you can make an alternative free podcast application that you can hear anytime and anywhere.

Here you don’t even need to spend a penny to listen to music.

The user interface offered is fairly comfortable to use, even allowing you to hear offline by downloading it.

Download SoundCloud here: Android | iOS

Other Podcast Applications …

3. Google Podcast


Google, which is integrated with Android-based smartphone devices, also has a podcast application called Google Podcast.

Google Podcasts can be an alternative with essential functions, such as speeding up the duration of a podcast to muting several segments if needed.

Apart from Google Podcasts, even on your HP Android, you can also use Google Play Music or YouTube to search and listen to selected podcasts.

Download Google Podcast here: Android | iOS

4. Apple Podcast

best-podcast-04 application

For you iPhone users or iOS-based devices, there are also Apple Podcasts that you can listen to at work or relax.

Here too you will be provided with various categories with hundreds of thousands of free podcasts. Anyway, I’m not going to regret it!

Download the Apple Podcast here: iOS

5. Podcast Addict

best podcast application 05

Podcast Addict is one of the free podcast applications that you can try.

Not only podcasts but in this application, you will also be presented with various audiobookslive radio streaming and much more.

Even the Podcast Addict also supports connections with YouTube channels and Twitch. Very complete, right?

Download the Podcast Addict here: Android

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The final word

Now that is him some recommendations for free, cool and best podcast applications in 2019 that you can download on Android and iOS phones.

Apart from the five applications that Jaka has recommended above, do you still have other options? If so, don’t hesitate to write in the comments column below! Thank you.

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