The Ultimate Guide To Email Drip Campaigns

Waking from a deep sleep you hear your phone vibrating with email notifications. “What is going on?” You think to yourself. Reaching out of your comfy bed half awake and half asleep you fumble for your phone on the nightstand. While you were sleeping you received over a hundred email messages. Instead of the normal email messages and spam—you see a string of notification emails that say… Image of what an email subject line would look like if it said, “Yes! New Order for $349 That’s the dream right? In some shape or form we all want to make money magically on autopilot while we sleep. The crazy thing is it’s possible with the help of drip email marketing campaigns. How do you actually make it happen? I’ve broken this guide up into 6 chapters to help you accomplish each and every step you need to launch your very first or one hundredth drip campaign. Check out the post and ask any questions you might have about email marketing and I’d be glad to help.

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